Without Thor, there could be no Guardians of the Galaxy, which became one of Marvel’s biggest, most unexpected hits. What is Dark World’s most iconic moment? This time with Josh Brolin in his second-highest-profile supervillain role of 2018! Batman Begins is an admirable start to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, featuring an extremely fun villain (Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow), an elite training montage, and by far the most messed up depiction of the deaths of Bruce Wayne’s parents. There’s a great Warren Beatty quote from back when he was making Reds. All the banter and ’70s cues of the first movie—now with more CGI and Kurt Russell. (And stop making her be in Justice League.). When filming resumed on the sequel, Donner was replaced over a disagreement about Marlon Brando’s role. How did Hellboy II influence the superhero movies that followed? Director Joss Whedon planned on including both Spider-Man and Captain Marvel in this movie, but Marvel Studios hadn’t yet made a deal with Sony for the rights to Spidey, and Brie Larson hadn’t yet been cast as Captain Marvel. has a good one. Gwyneth Paltrow saves the day! I can’t speak for anyone living beyond the New York metro area at that time, but for me, despite all of this, Spider-Man still played like a soaring, heroic tribute to the city we all needed. For an extremely dumb movie, Aquaman displays a thorough knowledge of what actually works in superhero movies. James Gunn realized what he had in Dave Bautista and amped up the tone-deaf, extremely literal one-liners accordingly; Bautista is incredible in Vol. He’s a friend from work!” According to Chris Hemsworth, the line was suggested by a kid visiting the set as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But in Deadpool, he gets to be all of those things, all at once, in a role pitched exactly for him. By no fault of its own, Far From Home will forever be remembered as the last time Spider-Man crossed over with the MCU (this version of it, anyway). It doesn’t make sense that a movie about a human ant starring Paul Rudd would be any good, but it absolutely is. Batman is the only superhero movie worthy of its own Prince album. Did Batman transcend its source material? Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) pulling the bat signal to get laid is one the most iconic moments in any superhero movie—period. That’s incredible. But most importantly, it brings Jake Frickin’ Gyllenhaal into the MCU as Mysterio, one of the most fully realized villains the franchise has ever seen—with one of the highest degrees of difficulty to boot, but one that the movie clears nonetheless. It’s meant to be a kind of spiritual successor/continuation of Donner’s first two films in the series, but it is both more polished and less fun than the originals. Shazam! First: the gall! It’s another point scored for DC in the IP wars. Look at the highest-grossing films of 2019 so far—three of the top five are superhero movies. Who is the breakout star of Guardians? Most continuity crossovers are dumb, but Chris Evans is handsome, so this works out for everyone. I like to imagine the train scene as a prequel to Snowpiercer, but the real answer is the Spielbergian hopefulness of the Camp Lehigh training scenes. Ledger gives a hall of fame Fractured Outsider performance. Who is The Crow’s breakout star? Taken together—I mean, along with other stuff, like his untied shoes being a conscious choice—they render Spider-Man more relatable and human than he’s ever been. Yay, everyone’s happy! What is the most iconic moment in The Winter Soldier? This is going to sound strange, given that he was billed as the movie's star so how could he even be considered for the Breakout Star vote, but the movie’s breakout star was Ryan Reynolds, who, prior to Deadpool, was never a fit in action movies. It establishes the MCU’s Third Movie Rule, which holds as follows: the third movie in a series (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America) will always be better than the second movie in the series. Chris Hemsworth. There's no female action hero more … 16. What is Hellboy II’s most iconic moment? The heroes may not be as familiar, but the classic rock sure is, and the Skittles-bright palette and crackling banter will suck you in. And he was strong in romantic comedies (The Proposal is fun, and Just Friends is even more fun). Shouts to Director Krennic. It’s Michael Peña—again! Glorious bastard. He has this very Peñaesque energy—this sort of happy-to-be-there, endearingly sweet vibe—that he turns on as soon as he shows up in the movie (when he picks up Rudd from prison and Rudd asks him about his girlfriend and he responds, “Oh, she left me. The summer before, Sony had started running a teaser trailer in which Spider-Man catches a group of bank robbers by spinning a giant web between the Twin Towers. Who is the breakout star of First Class? So, even though Far From Home came out in 2019, it’s already an artifact of a different time. In the grand scheme of all the Batman movies, this is the one that walks the finest balance between seriousness and camp, straightforward thrills and the inherent silliness of the entire endeavor. What is the best use of a real-life location in Days of Future Past? The Crow is a wrenching, compelling send-up. (Remember when Tim Burton was great?) Anyone born between 1985 and 1992 who says they haven’t cry-shouted the chorus at a kegger is either soulless, a liar, or both. There’s a scene toward the end in which Janet Van Dyne takes over Scott Lang’s body in order to communicate with her long-lost husband and daughter, and it results in Paul Rudd as Scott Lang doing an impression of Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet Van Dyne. It was only a year or two before most reasonable people realized that the Spider-Man kiss was completely unfeasible and utterly lacking in romance, but anyway, four years later, there I was, with one of us sitting on a park bench and the other on the ground. These were voted on by, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Chris Pine (receiving one second-place vote), Chris Pratt (receiving one first-place vote), Chris Hemsworth (receiving five first-place votes), Chris Evans (receiving five first-place votes, one third-place vote, and one demand to “stop trolling”), “Tell me where the trailer is! (3) Brandon died shortly before the release of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, which celebrated the life of Bruce Lee and also asserted that Lee was haunted by a demon samurai that was intent on killing him. Time and/or the film industry has not necessarily borne out the predictions we made at the time, but six years ago, Michael Fassbender was on the cusp of global movie stardom, and X-Men: First Class was the movie that marketed him to the masses. If the complexities of time travel wear on you, take heart: Movie-star laden ensembles captivate even when you need to consider causality. “I’m not wearing hockey pads.” (To a man wearing hockey pads. ), What is the most iconic moment in Civil War? More Ryan Reynolds! Were X2 released today, it wouldn’t be as revolutionary, but it did pave the way for much more explicit LGBT representation in future superheroes movies. Chase Meridian putting on negligee and pulling the bat signal is just a ploy to get Nicole Kidman in a sexy outfit—let’s be honest—but it’s significant because it’s one of the few times someone from the broader public reacted to these men in tights and black rubber with complete honesty. He has no wasted motion, no wasted lines. It’s a plane! Instead, it caused DC to pigeonhole itself into this darker tone, which led to the disappointing flop of Batman v Superman. —Andrew Gruttadaro. Remember how much people loved Tom Hiddleston in 2013? Superman Returns is inert, puffed-up, and unnecessary. What is Infinity War’s most iconic moment? X2 is the moment 20th Century Fox realized it could milk Hugh Jackman’s stardom for nearly two decades. Fortunately, it’s a bright, easygoing origin story with an age-appropriate Peter Parker, a handful of incredible supporting characters—from Zendaya to Donald Glover to Hannibal Buress—and a genuinely stunning twist. Marvel’s Book of Genesis is actually a self-effacing, self-aware surprise: a burnout actor becomes a movie star, and a guy in a metal suit becomes the brightest star in a galaxy of heroes. What is the most iconic moment of The Dark Knight? What about Civil War hasn’t aged well? Who is the breakout star of The Dark Knight? So after nailing Spider-Man 2, he does the vapid Annapolis and Tristan + Isolde, but also eventually slides into the prestigious films Milk and 127 Hours. In 2008, Zack Snyder said, “The Marvel universe has gone nuts; we’re going to have a fricking Captain America movie if we’re not careful. Since the X-Men universe’s inception, mutants have been used as stand-ins for marginalized groups; it’s not exactly a subtle metaphor. the Hulk. It’s a toss-up between the introduction of Miles Morales (whose first order of business is singing Swae Lee’s verse on “Sunflower” badly) and the scene where his Uncle Aaron teaches him how to holler at Gwen Stacy, who Miles doesn’t yet know is Gwen Stacy. What is your tweet-length review of The Winter Soldier? Chris Pratt’s abs are certainly in the running, but no one and nothing can compare to Groot, the catchphrase- and branch-slinging tree-being who stole something far more valuable than an infinity stone: our hearts.

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