Put your money where your mouth heart is. We meet about ten times a year. And to join our group, you should be living in the San Francisco Bay Area (hence the "Bay Area" in our title).4. If you are a non-Black person, please respect our group's need, intention, and mission; if you're just looking for design meetups, there are 75 other terrific design-related meetups in the Bay area that we recommend checking out. Knowing that there’s more of “us” in tech even if I don’t see it at my company.”. Bay Area Black Designers is a professional development community for Black people who are practicing digital design in the tech industry. Sign petitions. Yes, yes, yes and yes. If your plans change, update your RSVP so we have an accurate attendee list. *Please respect the intention of this group and only join if you are:• a Black person• ...and a designer, or an aspiring one• ...and living in the SF Bay AreaIf all three of the above don't apply to you but want to network with this group, you can invite us to participate at another meetup or event that you're doing, offer to be a guest speaker for our group, send job listings or donate to our expenses at bayareablackdesigners.comMEETUP REQUIREMENTS1. Go away means go away.Coercion, manipulation, blackmail, or revenge.Violent threats or language directed against another person or groups of people.Pretending to be someone else.Using this group to do any illegal activity.Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior. Real identities, really local. Actively attend meetups. You’re, co-leading or co-chair of a group called Bay Area Black Designers, which is founded by Kat Vellos, who we’ve had on the show before. Many thanks to Asana and Women Talk Design for their 2020 financial contributions to BABD’s expenses. Members have referred to us as Silicon Valley’s largest unofficial Employee Resource Group for Black design talent. Donate. Jill Giordano and Brian Scheyer. One of the things that’s interesting about the Bay Area, I think, I don’t remember, … …” Read more. With over 500 members who work at startups, agencies, design studios, universities, midsize companies and large corporations, BABD provides professional development and community for Black designers… The designers behind gr. Shop for Good: Support the Bay Area's Black fashion designers, boutiques + beauty brands By . We are an amazing collection of Black design professionals working in all areas of design within tech — at every level of experience from beginners to experts — in the following areas of design: UX … dano, Jill Giordano and Brian Scheyer, just may be one of San Francisco’s best designer duos. Listen and learn. Bay Area Black Designers partnered with the Black Product Managers meetup group to share an evening of insights and conversation with the heads of product and design at Instagram, “With nearly 400 members living in the San Francisco metro area, Bay Area Black Designers (BABD) has become the community where Black designers can find dynamic support and professional development. Unless otherwise noted, the photography on this site was done by designer and photographer André Pennycooke. This is a legit community, not an online group of strangers who never interact. Gail Goldberg. A journey through the portfolios of several group members practicing UI design, graphic design, art direction, illustration, and UX design. Kendall Howse: It’s changed quite a bit. With designers at every level of experience spanning disciplines like UX Design, UI Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Product Design and UX Research, BABD has become a model for how underrepresented people are building their own powerful networks. Jun 09, 2020 . This is also a space for Black folks to safely express the challenges and microaggressions we deal with as a marginalized population within the tech industry. It's really helped my mental health.”, “This group gives me confidence. Our group is a place where members can freely express themselves without fear of judgment or harassment. Being a member means being actively involved, so if your account goes inactive and/or you never attend any meetups, your membership may be politely deactivated.2. Stop means stop. We treat each other with kindness and professionalism.All participants and visitors are expected to treat other participants, visitors, staff and the general public with respect. Please don't RSVP "Yes" if you're not really coming. Our meetups are private so we need to know who the members really are. If you're a Black designer and have often felt like you are “the only one," join us. Protest. Under the umbrella of respect, we expect all participants to be mindful of their speech and behaviors with all people: in person, on social media, and in private messages such as email, Slack, text, and meetup messaging.BABD Code of ConductWhat exemplary members do:Be excellent to each other.If someone shares something confidential, keep it confidential.If someone asks a question, share your answer in a supportive, non-judgmental way.If you feel the need to voice your disagreement, do so respectfully in a way that doesn’t attempt to shut down the other person.Refrain from making assumptions about other people's experiences.If you learn that someone's pronouns don't match an assumption you made about their gender identity, adjust your assumptions and respect their identity by using their self-identified pronouns.Get consent before quoting, tweeting, photographing, audio recording, or video recording someone else.Be considerate: BABD is a group with hundreds of members.

bay area black designers

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