New York: The Macmillan Company, 1965. laws, principles, but leave open unanswered questions that need to be investigating. Does the researcher appear to know his subject? Specialized faculty assignments (i.e., clinical versus research) designed to strengthen research productivity warrant further evaluation. For example, nursing research is integrated with health services research regarding issues of organization, delivery, financing, quality, patient and provider behavior, informatics, effectiveness, cost, and outcomes. School of Nursing American Association of Colleges of Nursing. In research-intensive environments, support is evident in the hiring and retention packages provided for investigators; peer and administrative review mechanisms used for appointments and promotions; availability of start-up research funds for faculty; and support for continuing faculty development in research, such as professional leaves and sabbaticals, career awards, and pilot funding. The Research Mission: Challenges and Opportunities. The vision for nursing research is driven by the profession's mandate to society to optimize the health and well-being of populations (American Nurses Association, 2003; International Council of Nurses, 1999). Particular attention is given to health disparities and vulnerable groups such as minorities, infants, youth, and older adults. Despite the dramatic successes of improved diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, improvements in overall health of the public require a broader approach. airginia Henderson¶s The Basic Principles in Nursing. What is clear is that if the questions are to be answered properly, it is important that the inquiries follow a logical chain of thought. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press. Journal of Professional Nursing, 16, 191-200. Washington, DC, Revisions Approved by the Membership: March 15, 1999 and March 13, 2006, 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750 Are ‘raw’ figures always given if results are expressed in percentages? ‘Diary keeping’, ‘Q sorting’. Professional, public, and private organizations also offer competitive research funding and training support (e.g., American Heart Association, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and The John A. Hartford Foundation). The formal sessions on research methods may be limited to as little as one hour. Strategies have been identified to ensure the continued vitality of nursing research during this critical time (AACN, 2003). Health systems and outcomes research examine the availability, quality, and costs of health care services as well as ways to improve the effectiveness and appropriateness of clinical practice. Understanding such disparities and testing strategies for their resolution are major priorities for health science, including nursing research. As the health care environment changes rapidly, the consolidation of health plans and care settings continues. The scope of clinical research ranges from acute to chronic care experiences across the entire life span; health promotion and preventive care to end-of-life care; and care for individuals, families, and communities in diverse settings. To this end, the community of nurse scholars recognize that the science of nursing is growing rapidly and they are committed to the challenges posed by the constant progression of new knowledge. Pinterest. Available from: World Medical Association. Nursing research also is guided by several major national health policy directives, an example of which is Healthy People 2010: Understanding and Improving Health (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000). Relate the findings to questions posed originally and to the existing body of knowledge and relevant theory. Given the broad scope of nursing research, this also means that nurse researchers require environments that support integration of various approaches to inquiry. The research productivity of the faculty (including grants obtained and sustained, manuscripts published, and the number of doctorally prepared graduate faculty) and the successes of doctoral program graduates are indicators of an environment in which faculty research can flourish (AACN, 2001). Nurse scientists obtain funding from a wide range of federal and private sources. Using multiple philosophical and theory-based approaches as well as diverse methodologies, nursing research focuses on the understanding and easement of the symptoms of acute and chronic illness; prevention or delayed onset of disease or disability, or slowing the progression thereof; finding effective approaches to achieve and sustain optimal health; and improvement of the clinical settings in which care is provided (National Institute of Nursing Research, 2003).

basic principles of nursing research

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