2 oscars on albino tiger Oscar and the other black camo tiger Oscar - 20-30cm ($200) Barramundi 17-25cm ($80) Eel tail catfish 17-25cm ($80) Feather fin catfish 20 cm($75) Ghost knife 15-25 cm ($65) 3 … If fishing upstream amongst the weed beds for small juveniles (45-65 cm fish) or downstream for larger fish over the mud … Any barramundi remaining from earlier stockings will make a meal of the new fingerlings, of any species, which you introduce to you dam. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you stock barramundi fingerlings … … We will be delivering through all of Victoria and Canberra, most of New South Wales and into South Australia. Barramundi. Operated since 1998, Jungle Creek is capable of year round production of quality Barramundi fingerlings … Located on the Cassowary Coast in Tropical Far North Queensland, Jungle Creek Aquaculture is a quality producer of Barramundi and assorted native Australian fish. Stocking Dams, Aquaponics and Aquariums. The golden rule to Barramundi fishing is to use a lure to suit the terrain. Barramundi are a carnivorous fish and a popular species for farm dams and offer excellent eating. Its best not to stock Barramundi with other fish because of their territorial and aggressive behaviour. Barramundi are generally not suitable for small dams.

barramundi fingerlings for sale cairns

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