However, the benefit of this exercise is that you don’t need a significant amount of weight for it to be challenging. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and place your back flat against the bench. Join Date: Sep 2017; Posts: 5386; Share Tweet #2. The setup of my gym makes barbell floor pressing difficult so I was curious about alternatives. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. So naturally, the bench press makes its way into the workout plan of many lifting enthusiasts across the world. The two exercises I’m going to discuss also include a lot of shoulder and pec activation. So ensure you’re not simply doing ‘half reps’, but you’re fully locking out your elbows each rep, which will recruit your triceps. The one downside to this movement is that you’re not going to be able to lift the barbell through its full range of motion because your elbows will connect with the floor before the barbell reaches your chest. Setting the cables lower down is similar to a decline fly. Discover a plethora exclusive articles and videos on nutrition and training from some of the top experts in the world. Or maybe you’re a novice who needs to build up technique/strength in other movements first. The dumbbell bench press is a close variation to the barbell bench press. 10. This may seem like a no brainer as far as alternative exercises go. Push-ups are a good substitute for activating similar muscle groups as the bench press, but you won’t get the loading needed to build any significant strength. This may seem like a no brainer as far as alternative exercises go. I could find a good space for DB floor pressing, but I was wondering if there might be other alternatives you would recommend? With a slower tempo, you’ll also be able to focus on contracting both your shoulders and triceps throughout the movement. If after you try different torso positions you still get shoulder discomfort, you may need to work on your mobility before attempting this exercise. The pec muscles are mostly used in the bottom range of the bench press. Get YOUR questions answered every week by Layne himself. Tags: None. Jordan Feigenbaum. You’ll still be able to work the same muscle groups in the dumbbell bench press. This movement can be performed with a barbell or dumbbells, although the barbell version is easier to set up. One of the biggest mistakes people make with the overhead press is not taking the exercise through its full range. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Coaching. We send out information regarding Layne's appearances, website content, and latest products. The barbell overhead press is one of the most compound exercises that you can do for the upper body. However, it is still worth noting that this is an awesome substitution. and next week one of the prescribed exercises is floor press. Set up the pins so that you can take the barbell off the rack when lying on the floor. How to do it Adjust your bench so it’s set at a 45-degree angle. Once you’ve mastered the technique using body weight, you can add weight by using a dip belt, weighted vest, or placing a dumbbell between your ankles. 6 Floor Presses For Healthy Delts 1 – Barbell Floor Press. Grab a band from WOD Nation (click for today’s price on Amazon). There is no doubt that having a big back squat 1RM is a great goal to work toward, but sometimes it’s cool to hit a front squat PR or even a split squat PR. If you don’t have any equipment, you can perform push-ups using a resistance band around your back for extra tension. Yes, the back squat is one of our favorites for overall lower body development. In the bottom position, the dumbbells should be just outside your chest. Enter your email to receive updates about the latest with Layne and Perform equal reps on your right and left side. With that said, there is a significant amount of shoulder activation in the overhead press compared with the bench press, especially the front deltoid. Either way, it’s worth learning about some awesome alternatives. If you don’t have access to a bench then you can perform a floor press, with either dumbbells or a barbell. It provides awesome stability control and allows for novices to start with lighter weights than that afforded by a barbell. Using a slightly bent elbow position, take your hands apart and lower the dumbbells to the floor. To activate the pecs more, take a prone grip (palms facing away from you) and ensure your elbows are at 90-degrees from the body when the dumbbells are on your chest. Close Grip Floor Press: Done by holding a barbell with a closer-than-shoulder-width grip. The barbell floor press can be a dangerous exercise if you aren’t experienced and focusing on safety. Not too long ago, we highlighted the best alternatives to the back squat. The Arnold variation will be a superior alternative to the bench press versus other dumbbell overhead movements because you will get more activation in the upper chest, triceps, and front deltoid. You can lean forward more to recruit your upper pecs or you can assume a more vertical torso position to recruit your lower pecs. You can simply pick the alternative based on which muscle group you want to focus on more. Further, keeping your elbow in line with the barbell, and not having your arm flare outward, will allow you to recruit your triceps more. Dumbbell Bench Press. A a result, the barbell will move from your forehead to your chest. I am running 12 week strength program (so far I love it!) Also, not everyone can, or wants to bench press. Here are my five favorite floor press variations: barbell, decline with glute bridge, dumbbell, kettlebell, and bottoms-up single-arm kettlebell. Chest-Focused Bench Press Alternatives 1. The triceps help extend the elbow in the top-ranges of the bench press. If you’re looking for alternatives for the decline bench press, check out my article on 9 Effective Decline Bench Press Alternatives. Don’t underestimate how hard push-ups can be if you select the right variation. Find an area of the floor in front of a power cage. It’s a compound exercise, meaning you’re still going to be able to target the same muscle groups as the bench press. A post shared by Dr. John Rusin (@drjohnrusin) on Jul 21, 2019 at 6:52am PDT. Many of the bench press alternatives discussed in this article are exercises that you can also perform in conjunction with a solid bench press program. I actually wrote an entire guide on How To Fix An Uneven Bench Press if this is a problem for you. Plus, throwing in a few accessories will actually help you hit those back squat PR’s faster! Here are my five favorite floor press variations: barbell, decline with glute bridge, dumbbell, kettlebell, and bottoms-up single-arm kettlebell. L’exercice Dumbell/Barbell Floor press est une bonne alternative au développé couché (bench press) ou dumbbell press, car il permet de varier de l’exercice du développé couché sur un banc. My two favorite push-up vriations are: the banded push-up and the weighted pushup. This position will still allow you to recruit some upper pec muscles (rather than all shoulders). Again, the reduced range of motion and more stable position at the bottom of the movement sometimes makes all the difference for those who struggle during a traditional bench press. Dip. If you can nail these positions, you’ll recruit simliar musculature to the bench press. Your information is. However, you can perform push-ups with a weight on your back or get extra resistance by using a rubber band. But, just because it is such a beloved exercise, doesn’t mean you have to do it. In fact, taking a break from the bench press in favor of an alternative exercise might actually help you bench more in the long run. Perform the bench press movement as you normally would, but limit the elbow tucking as much as possible. Ensure your torso is in a neutral position, without your hips sicking and keeping your belly button tucked. I don't think the floor press or even the pause bench are really gonna build your chest that well if you feel it's "lagging" as in development. It also involves ‘eccentric overloading’, which was shown in a study by Brandenburg & Docherty (2002) to significantly increase strength over a 9-week training period.

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