PRE-FINISHED; UV Finish 1 side and 2 sides; Grades B/BB AND BB/BB; 4x8; 3/4 (13 ply) and 1/2 (9 ply) Also available in Raw Face veneer is considered clear and free of defects with a light-uniform color. “Formations is my main source of material supply. Birch Plywood (20 Pack) - 30x30cm, 3mm Thickness Baltic Wooden Ply for Stenciling, Laser Graving, Wood Pyrography Personalised Home Decor,Painting, Arts and Crafts. This plywood type offers a virtually void-free construction offering you great machinability and tremendous screw holding strength when compared to other ply substrates. Specifications. 4.3 out of 5 stars 16. Veneer lap and small core voids permitted. Features. BB/CP: Single piece face and back. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Valued for its appealing light color, Baltic Birch plywood features a uniform grain, and outstanding durability. In my opinion, a wide range of surfaces and melamine textures to accommodate a large spectrum of clientele. Both face and back veneers allow small color-matched patches on average and some light mineral streaks. Vancouver, BC C/C: Patches, open knots, and small veneer splits allowed. They are the standard by which we rate all our other suppliers.”, “Over the years, Formations has become one of our most trusted and relied upon partners. The panel is sound both sides and designed for laminating. They have provided us with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.”, “Rob and his team at Formations are a pleasure to work with. Film Face overlaid Baltic Birch panels with functional textures are designed for a multitude of applications. This panel is not sanded and would only be used for structural purposes. Each layer of birch veneer is peeled at 1.3mm or 1.5mm thickness giving the panel a multi-ply edge that is aesthetically attractive and offers unparalleled strength and stability. Face and back grade veneers allow unlimited sound knots and repaired splits and unlimited patches. Baltic Birch (or Russian Birch) plywood is uniquely manufactured plywood consisting of multiple ply layers of Birch veneer per sheet. Edmonton, Alberta They are attentive and responsive to our needs, always willing to take the steps to ensure that we, and in turn our customers are well serviced. BB/BB: Single piece face and back. To name a few, commercial truck box interiors, truck floors, shed floors, movie sets & stages, recreation areas, concrete forming and the list goes on… Visit our supplier link to review what is available. The sales rep is very knowledgeable and responds to any request of product in a very reasonable amount of time and works hard to fulfill the orders.”, “As a small custom cabinet shop we value Formations. Baltic Birch plywood from Russia was historically available only in 5ft x5ft panel formats; today Russia has expanded production to include other formats, such as 4ft x 8ft for our North American market. B/BB: Single piece face and back veneer. Back face allows color matched patches, which are oval or irregular in shape. They can even anticipate what your needs are before you know.”, “With project schedules short and quality a must, we continue to depend on Formations to provide us with outstanding  products and service”, “We at PF Custom Countertops find Formations to be one of our best partners. They provide Heirloom Cabinetry with finest of products ie: excellent veneer grades and sequential sheet goods, the best melamine. They take the time to listen to our needs and supply us with superior products.”, “Formations has been one of our prime suppliers for a number of years.

baltic birch plywood edmonton

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