Useful accounting information should possess two fundamental qualitative characteristics: Relevance For example, the information may help users to predict future events, such as future cash flows, and … Without these qualities accounting information wouldn’t be clear and an orderly view of the business would not be visible. Without good information, misallocation of capital would occur and result in inefficient production and shortages. 4 qualitative characteristics of accounting information … Qualitative Characteristics of Accounting Information There are some qualities of accounting that make it useful for both external and internal users of accounting. Characteristics of Accounting Information . … It provides the data for analysis to different users for their further decision-making. Meaning of Accounting Information. Comprehensibility To fulfill this quality the user must have sufficient knowledge to understand the information; since information is vitally important for decision-making, some information … In order to be useful to a user, accounting information should have the following characteristics: Prepared objectively.The accountant should record and report on accounting transactions from a … … Accounting information is the nexus of this capital allocation decision process. Accounting information is the collective data of business transactions.

attributes of accounting information

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