We think it is worth the small investment and think you will discover the same. View all specs. 2、The chassis is made from high quality steel to provide extra shielding against stray magnetic and RF The unique transformer tech ensures smooth and natural tone. Package: Yes. What do you think? Mr Funk. Lives for gear . 24th November 2019 #213. Prefer B. Leave questions, comments and shared experiences in the comment section and enjoy the demo! The Alctron MP73EQ has a high pass filter that is switchable that lets you to have those muddy lows without clouding out the sound. The MP73EQ does both nicely! Refund in 15 Days. The unique transformer tech ensures smooth and natural tone. According the to manufacturer the Alctron MP73EQ has the following specifications:• Frequency Response: 11 Hz 77.65 kHz 3 dB.• Level variation is less than 0.2%.• Input impedance: Microphone 300 \u0026 1,200 ohms• Line 10,000 ohms• D.I. 1、Its shell adopts dust-free spraying processing makes product concise and better adhere. 3 separate transformers feels full tone transformers. Mic input, line input and line output features separate transformers. Offers classic tone and satisfies engineer requirements. Whether it is for vocal recordings in the home studio or audio recording you will get the results that you want. It can be used with any microphone which makes it greatly versatile especially when you consider the low price point. I think there is a difference, but both sounds great to me. Protecting your equipment dollars is always a challenge. It works great with ribbons and other microphones. High quality alum-alloy panel combines steel shell, sturdy and stable design offering powerful reliability. The goal with any music technology is to get the best value and to get the highest function for the lowest price. of gain with 200-ohm input termination, without 20Hz to 20kHz to assist in filtering out noise.• -49dbu with final output stage at 50% EIN -129 dBu;• -46dbu with final output stage at unity EIN -126 dBu;• -56dbu without final output stage EIN -136 dBu.• Controls either “flat” or switched out.• Output: Balanced and floating to feed a 600-ohm load.• Maximum output +26 dBm into 600 ohms, or +20dBm into 150 ohms.• Output impedance: 600 ohms, balanced (source impedance 75 ohms).• Distortion: 1k Hz = 0.0245%ALCTRON MP73EQ Performance. It delivers the cool crispness that you want at the highs and nice muddy tones that add the smoke that you want when mixing and mastering. You can adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page. I couldnt tell any difference. Don't have a 500-series rack, so all the Alctron 500-series GAP rip-offs aren't really on my radar, but this one is really interesting. MP73X2. We found that it delivered sound control exceptionally well, we tried with a ribbon mic and it just added to the sound nicely. Not only takes an important role in studio but also creates studio environment. Finally got the time to compare the preamp section of Alctron MP73EQ vs Stam Audio MPA73 with sowter outputs. Sometimes you do not have to spend more to get more, you can spend less and be pleasantly surprised by the results. Ultimately it delivered the control that we did not expect at this price point. We liked the ease of setup and we liked the way it got right to work. Money Back Guarantee It is the low-priced preamp with the high-end sound. You would not think that a preamp at this price point would deliver the professional sound that you need but it does deliver the high-end studio equipment feel without the high-end price. Quote: Originally Posted by RedArmchairStud. Product Description. The Alctron MP73 EQ does not disappoint in the studio when it comes to performance. Alctron MP73x2 Microphone Preamp (Alctron is an OEM manufacture of many brand name Preamps) "Buy Direct and Save" "Cascade Microphones Certified Microphone Preamp"  Discription: Combines with unique circuit to amplifier ensures output signal quality. This Alctron MP73EQ review with demonstrate the Alctron MP73 EQ to help you see what it has to offer. Model Number: MP73V2. #consordini #alctronOur website - https://consordini.comFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/Consordini/Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/consordini/ 3 different input connectors suits for vocal, instruments, Supports mic input, line input and DI input, Each input channel adjusts gain separately, 23 level gain switch adjusts 3-channel gain flexible, Adjusts gain accurately and controls performance freely, After slight push provides sweet and full effect, One switch features 3-channel gain adjustable function, Insert button Supports to connect outside performance, Combines with INSERT SEND and INSERT RETURN connector in rear panel, Compresses the signal and offers better performance to optimize efficient, Selected high quality components owns both professional tone and quality. I give a crap Maybe morally against it, but too broke/amateur to really care, sorry gear karma police. Fine and smooth tone with low distortion, natural and transparent quality all makes high speed performance. Classic circuit design analog warmth tone. If you are looking for a preamp and you do not want to sink a ton of cash this may be the perfect solution! There is always a lot of back and forth when it comes to music technology in the studio, some people will love it and others will pick it apart and find something wrong with it. My Studio. 3 Reviews written. three separate transformer smooth, natural and warmth tone. This demo will help you to make an informed decision about where you want to spend yours! The Specs. It complemented the highs and the lows and got the job done. Share Quote. 3 separate transformers feels full tone transformers. Under original tone to enhance S/N ratio provides you clear and purity sound quality. 4 Reviews written. Dual channel mic pre-amplifiers. The low price makes this an attractive preamp. Mic input, line input and line output features separate transformers. Alctron PRO DI4 standard IU rack 4 channel active DI box for studio or stage performance,designed to converts high-Z to low Z, Alctron PRODI8 multi-purpose 8-channel active DI Box direct injection box active Impedance converter for on stage, studio, Alctron HP400 4-Channel multifunctional Headphone Amplifier,Headphone Preamplifier suitable for professional recording, Alctron CP52a Compressor/Limiter with Compression Modes and Comprehensive Metering for recording Professional microphone preamp, Alctron HP800 8-channel headphone amplifier multifunctional Headphone Preamp,multi-people monitor with separate volume control, Alctron MP100 Single-channel high-end electronic tube microphone Preamplifier with 48V phantom power, Alctron CP540 Professional One Channel Microphone Preamplifier and Compressor,Studio Compressor with 5 switchable filters, Alctron MP73EQV2 single channel mic amplifier with EQ function, optimize the sound quality, new transformer isolates the noise, Alctron S3 500 Serious power rack,500 Series Modules, with Phantom Power and XLR for recording and stage performance, ALCTRON MP73V2 single channel microphone amplifier recording studio one channel mic pre-amplifier output signal clear, Alctron CP540V2 signal compressor and limiter designed to fulfill the critical need for high performance audio compressor, Alctron MP200 Professional high-end electronic tube mic preamplifier preamp microphone amplifier similar to NEVE 1073, Alctron S1 single slot 500 series power supply studio rack, Alctron ATM500 mic amp used in stage performance, Original Alctron MP73EQV2 mic amplifier with EQ function, optimize the sound quality, new transformer isolates the noise, ALCTRON MP73V2 Professional single channel microphone amplifier recording studio one channel mic pre-amplifier mic amp, Alctron S8 500 series studio power rack performance 8 slots professional stage power box recording studio 8-channel power box, Alctron MP73X2 dual channel mic amp, amp the signal carefully, used in studio,stage performance, DIY high quality Professional H180 Microphone Amplifier PCB 48V Cendenser Microphone Printed Circuit Card, DIY high quality Improve from famous brand Electronic Tube Transistor Combination Microphone Amplifier Circuit board PCBA, Alctron TMP-6 vacuum tube mic amp, 16 different tone effect, guitar, vocal, piano etc, used in studio recording, monitor, Alctron High Quality Alctron MP73a 500 Series Microphone Instrument Amplifier For Recording On-stage Performance Live Streaming, Alctron MP73A 500 Series Mic/Instrument Preamp, used in recording and stage performance with high quality, low price, Build Condenser microphone U shape Permalloy microphone output transformer for DIY Newman U-87. When you are busy with music production you really do not have the time to dedicate to tweaking and figuring things out, you want to know that you have reliable equipment that is easy to use and that delivers the professional sound that you want. Overall. 100% Original Alctron TL69 Professional Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Studio Condenser Recording Microphone,Recording Mic. Watch the video and decide for yourself if this is the preamp that you want in your arsenal of studio equipment.

alctron mp73v2 review

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