In Australia, the graduation certificate awarded to high school students is the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE). Some Studienkolleg have the option to directly apply in their address, while some other require from you to apply through their online portal of the University Application Service for International Students in Germany, called the Uni-Assist. Procedures vary by state. [3], Until the 18th century, every German university had its own entrance examination. Abitur is internationally accepted for its equivalence with almost all foreign school-leaving diplomas. Students, who received the Notabitur during World War II were offered to re-enter school to prepare for and take the exam after the war had ended. [2] This number, reflecting those who pass the traditional Abitur at their high school, is, however, lower than the total count. © 2020 Studying in Germany - All Rights Reserved. Passing the Abitur usually requires a composite score of at least 50%. If your foreign education qualification is not recognized in Germany, the Anabin will assist you with the information on how to make such qualification acknowledged for further studies here. Which Are the University Admission Types in Germany? During the final examinations (Abiturprüfungen), students are tested in four or five subjects (at least one of which is oral). This takes account of Anabin and DAAD databases. “The Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife” usually referred as “Abitur” or as “Abiturzeugnis” is an education certificate that leavers “Abiturientenexamen” of a recognized German school, in Germany or abroad, will receive by completing 12-13 consecutive schooling years and by successfully passing the final school-leaving exam “Abiturprüfung”. For medical undergraduate MBBS programs there is a national eligibility and entrance test known as NEET-UG National Eligibility and Entrance Test conducted at all of India. You’ve to pass such assessment exam in order to apply for Bachelor studies or equal undergraduate study course in Germany within your field of study “Fachrichtung”. Percentage of students graduating with Abitur or FHR (Studienberechtigtenquote): Percentage of jobholders holding Hauptschulabschluss, Realschulabschluss or Abitur in Germany:[8]. In German, the European Baccalaureate is called europäisches Abitur, and the International Baccalaureate is called internationales Abitur, both not to be confused with the German Abitur. Finally, students often have the option of omitting some courses from their composite score if they have taken more courses than the minimum required. The exam that lasts 60 minutes is very demanding and to pass it, you’ve to be a dedicated participant in the preparatory lessons. German Abitur “ Allgemeine Hochschulreife ” also known as general higher education entrance qualification, entitles you to commence academic studies in any study program at any university, equally recognized institutions, university of applied science or study-specific college in Germany. In case, your earlier education may be overlooked if you have an extraordinary portfolio and you show great results in the college’s aptitude test. For some subjects, additional entrance exams may be required, for example in sports, music and fine arts. For other cases than that, you’ve to check if the country where the secondary school which has issued you the final school-leaving diploma is located has an equal education system to that of Germany. By passing the test, your German language proficiency in the subjects you intend studying for, will be properly demonstrated. However, the Abitur is not the only path to university studies, as some universities set up their own entrance examinations. In 1788 Prussia introduced the Abiturreglement, a law, for the first time within Germany, establishing the Abitur as an official qualification. In the Gymnasiums of some states it is awarded in the year before the Abitur is reached. The final examinations each count quadruple. In dependence to which is the level of your foreign education recognition level and what you intend studying for further here, a different entry exam you’ll be required to pass. If those who obtain the Fachhochschulreife (144,399 in 2012) are also added, then the total of those who obtained the right to study at a university or a Fachhochschule is 501,483 (2012). The German Abitur Program (GAP) major is only available to German military dependents whose families are stationed at Ft. Bliss, but any German student may follow the curriculum and request advising during regular advising periods. One of these two courses must have been a language, math, or natural sciences subject. In dependence to what university entrance qualification “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB)” you currently have, your entitlement to study in Germany will be different. The application deadline for international students may also differ. The best possible grade of 1.0 can be achieved if the score ranges between 823 and 900 points; the fraction of students achieving this score is normally only around 0.2%–3%[4] even among the already selective population of Abitur candidates. However, the normal way to obtain Fachhochschulreife is graduation from a German Fachoberschule, a vocational high school, also introduced in the 1970s. You should expect to receive a formal acceptance or rejection approximately one to two months after the deadline has passed. The exact scoring system depends on the Bundesland, in which one takes Abitur. It was granted to male German Gymnasium students who voluntarily enlisted for military service before graduation as well as young women who were evacuated from the major cities before they could complete their Gymnasium education as planned (approximately three to five million children and teenagers had to be evacuated during the war). Anabin database is an online source available only in German language, providing specific information for education certificates of each foreign country, as regards of their equivalency with the certificates issued by German education providers. [1], The official term in Germany for this certificate of education is Allgemeine Hochschulreife; the contraction Abi is common in colloquial usage. By successfully passing this exam, will be issued a subject-restricted “Fachgebundene HZB” with which you can apply for Bachelor studies, “Statesexamen”, or “Diplom courses” within your field of studies, for which you’ve studied before.

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