That is why more compression is required when using a big camshaft. 02-23-13 04:53 AM - Post# 2319775 Here is a question that come to mind this week. Send Private Topic View Profile. I've already run it with 10.75 with .040 P to H without a problem. 1,037 Posts #8 • Dec 19, 2007. Is there a rule of thumb as to what octane gas one should run for a certain compression ratio? So, as a general rule, 92 octane can handle 180 psi of cylinder pressure. Power should be a wash, and you never have to worry about fuel. what should the compression be on the cyliders of a rebuilt 327-365HP chevy motor that powers a 65 vette Ratio is listed at 11 to 1 also the car is at an elevation of 5546 ft above sea level … read more Post: Octane vs. User Info . The engine is a 1.8L with a 10:1 compression ratio (stock). My intake valve clooses at 52* ABDC. head can handle about 9 to 9.5:1 (iron heads are lower by 0.5) and a big cam (240 plus duration at 0.05) can handle 11.0:1. Where it was once taboo to run 11:1 or even 10:1 on the street with pump gas, we're finding that a well-chosen combo (heads, cam, intake, etc.) Or what static compression would be best 11.5 to 1 with .045 piston to head or 10.75 with .080 piston to head? Not perfect, but it's not overheating anymore. Should I be using 87 octane or 89 octane due to the 10:1 ratio? Drop the compression to 10:1 and bump the timing. If a cam grinder custom grinds a cam will it be able to or is it just to much compression? Compression Ratio (Topic#293903) Jim.Biron "13th Year" Platinum Supporting Member Posts: 3038 Age: 70 Loc: Monterey, TN Reg: 04-10-08. I own a 2007 toyota corolla (stick shift ). blykins Guru Posts: 2057 Joined: Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:59 am Location: Louisville, KY. Re: Max dynamic compression on 93 octane? As many others have posted it depends on alot more than just compression ratio, but if you're running all iron and carburated I would say 10.5-11 is about the limit, I've run my 327's up to ~12.5 but up there you definately need 110 octane, or some form of liquid lead additative. SKeown. Right now I'm 'suffering' with ~400 horses and 9.5. I am curious if you can run an 11:1 engine with cast iron heads on it on the street with 93 octane gas. Top. Compression Octane Number Brake Thermal Efficiency Ratio Requirement ( Full Throttle ) 5:1 72 - 6:1 81 25 % 7:1 87 28 % 8:1 92 30 % 9:1 96 32 % 10:1 100 33 % 11:1 104 34 % 12:1 108 35 % Check out the videos of people riding PWCs in the wild Pacific Northwest surf: Post by blykins » Sun Jun 27, … ~ee A small cam (stock) with an alum.

11 to 1 compression ratio octane

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