Plugging these numbers into Huntington's equations gives: ET = 6.290 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³ = 6.290 * (1788 / 975)¹ᐟ³ = 7.699 seconds, final speed = 224 * (power / weight)¹ᐟ³ = 224 * (975 / 1788)¹ᐟ³ = 183 mph, ET = 6.269 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³ = 6.269 * (1788 / 975)¹ᐟ³ = 7.673 seconds, final speed = 230 * (power / weight)¹ᐟ³ = 230 * (975 / 1788)¹ᐟ³ = 187.9 mph, ET = 5.825 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³ = 5.825 * (1788 / 975)¹ᐟ³ = 7.13 seconds, final speed = 234 * (power / weight)¹ᐟ³ = 234 * (975 / 1788)¹ᐟ³ = 191.17 mph. The other factors can significantly affect the elapsed time. This calculator estimates your 60 foot, eighth and quarter mile elapsed times and trap speed when given the weight of the car and flywheel or wheel horsepower. 1101 W. Rialto Ave. Rialto, CA 92376, USA +1 (310) 361-0020. Enter MPH, The Tire Height in Inches, The Rearend Ratio, Trans Ratio, & Converter Slip % RPM = (Rearend Ratio * MPH * 336.136 * Trans Ratio * (1 + (Conv Slip% / 100))) / Tire Height MPH Tire Height Rearend Ratio Trans Ratio Conv Slip % RPM = ? The results section shows you the estimated elapsed time over the 1/4-mile, and the final speed at the quarter-mile point. 1/4 mile time . Our quarter mile calculator for drag racing provides the et time (seconds) and trap speed (mph) based on the horsepower and weight of the vehicle. Car 1/4 Mile Calculator - Accuracy and Variables. 1 / 4 Mile ET Calculator. His solution was to record the elapsed time and final speeds of different vehicles, plot the data on a graph, and find a line-of-best-fit to the data. Taking into account the driver's weight (let's use Lewis Hamilton, who weighs 150 lb), that makes a total weight of 1788 lb. 3) All other values will be automatically calculated. With this quarter-mile ET calculator, you can: In this article, you'll also learn about the history of attempting to calculate the elapsed time and speed over a quarter-mile, using only the vehicle's power and weight. Using only your car's power and weight, it will estimate its 1/4-mile elapsed time (ET) and final speed (trap speed). To calculate your approximate 1/4 mile time enter the hp & weight in KG (not lb) HP Weight kg (incl driver!) Rear Wheel HP is assuming 10% drivetrain loss. 1/4 Mile Racing Final Speed Calculator. Weight is as the car sits on the line: driver and gas in it. So he plotted the data on a graph of weight/power against the 1/4-mile elapsed time and derived the following empirical equation (a quarter-mile ET calculator): ET = 6.290 * (weight / power)¹ᐟ³. If you're thinking of entering your car into a drag race and are wondering how well it would perform, then this quarter-mile calculator is for you. If you have a custom vehicle, visit a weighing station to measure its mass. It combines a quarter-mile time calculator and a quarter-mile speed calculator. 1/4 mile or quarter mile is a drag race, a type of motor racing in which the vehicle compete to be first to cross a finish line. It is an interesting exercise to see what the power requirements and weight limits are to meet your ideal strip time. The Huntington empirical formula for the final speed is, therefore: Don't worry if you only know your vehicle's weight and power in metric units, our 1/4-mile calculator will handle all the unit conversions for you! The start will be the hardest part, as you are accelerating from a standing start. 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile performance calculator. The results in the calculator are only statistical estimates. This chart is under optimal conditions. The calculator can also be used in reverse to estimate your car's power given a measured quarter-mile elapsed time or final speed. However, Fox made similar measurements to Huntington and refined the constants in his equations resulting in the following formulas: In the 1980s, drag racer, engineer and computer programmer Patrick Hale produced software that took all the variables listed above into account to estimate the ET and trap speed. The results are similar from all three equations, and they give a good first-order approximation of the quarter-mile performance figures without considering some of the other variables that are difficult to determine. The times shown are effectively the best most drivers can hope to achieve. Anything from air and tyre temperature to less … This chart shows how much horsepower is needed at the flywheel to run an Elapsed Time in the ¼ mile. How to use the quarter mile calculator: 1. The answers will be for at sea level and standard pressure/temperature. 60' to 1/4 Mile Calculator. These equations are for recreation only. (no weather correction). 2) Click the 'Calculate' button. Later on in the 1960s, a physics professor named Geoffrey Fox at the University of Santa Clara proposed a theoretical basis for Huntington's formula.

1/4 mile time calculator

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