1995 Sep;30(3):429-38. Professionals in all disciplines are challenged by the proliferation of new knowledge. The evidence-based practice movement has brought increasing attention to the role of empirically based interventions within social service practice, however, effective methods of research dissemination and utilization have received relatively little attention. This guide is for researchers who are applying for funding or have research in progress. Successful Dissemination Strategies: A Practical Approach to Effective Dissemination of Research Findings January 13, 2010 Multi-Grantee Open Forum #1 Effective methods for disseminating research findings to nurses in practice. It is designed to help you to plan your dissemination and give your research every chance of being used. Nurs Clin North Am. Social service practitioners and researchers have long been aware of the gap between research and practice. Describe one internal and one external method for the dissemination of your EBP project results. 1. Author information: (1)Department of Nursing Research and Education, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA. For example, an internal method may be the hospital board, and an external method may be a professional nursing organization. Cronenwett LR(1).

"effective methods of dissemination of research"

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